Pricing Plan and Description of Packages

Published on 27.10.2020

The current document is effective as the day of being published. If you decide to access a Subscription, the full Agreement will come into force and apply to You as from the date you enter into any of Our offered Plans.

Please note that the full Agreement consists of the following:

We suggest you carefully document the full Agreement and if you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to reach out at or consult our FAQ .

1. The measuring unit for every plan will be the number of monthly Credits. One Credit (Request or Call, or API-call) can be either of the following :

(i) sixteen (16) tiles loading,
(ii) one (1) geocoding or reverse geocoding call to our API.


(A) Cherry Flavor – Free plan

  • 10.000 credits / month
  • Non – commercial use
  • Vector tiles

(B) Cherry Blossom

  • Price 75 € / month
  • 300.000 credits / month
  • Vector tiles
  • CDN included for fast load times
  • Email support
  • Commercial use

(C) Cherry Pie

  • Price 250 € / month
  • 1.500.000 credits / month
  • Vector tiles
  • Geocoding + Reverse geocoding
  • CDN include for fast load times
  • Email support
  • Commercial use

(D) Cherry on Top

  • Price 950 € / month
  • 15.000.000 credits / month
  • Vector tiles
  • Geocoding + Reverse geocoding
  • CDN include for fast load times
  • Dedicated endpoint
  • Email support
  • Mapping – 16 hours included**
  • Commercial use

(E) Own Cherry Tree

  • Contact us for custom plans
  • Commercial use

** – contact our mapping team if you want to edit and / or update an area.

3. Mapping Services not included in a Package are charged at 40 € / hour.

4. If You exceed Your monthly requests limit We charge You with:

  • 0,75 € / 1000 credits for Cherry Blossom;
  • 0.5 € / 1000 requests for Cherry Pie;
  • 0.10 € / 1000 request for Cherry on Top.

5. Subscriptions operate for a Term of one (1) calendar year, starting from the date of your Subscription. The Term can end earlier if during the one calendar year:

  • you upgrade or downgrade to a different Plan that we offer; in this case, a new Term will start from the date of your new Subscription; or
  • if the Agreement is terminated earlier in accordance with section 21.3.TCU (breach of Agreement) or in accordance with section 21.4.TCU (notice of termination).
    The Term can not be interrupted during the middle of a billing cycle.

The billing cycle is the month. Fees are based on monthly periods that begin on the date of Subscription, and each monthly anniversary date. Fees for additional Requests added throughout a monthly period will be charged for that full monthly period according to the Pricing Plan.

6. We reserve the right to update the Packages and the Pricing Plan from time to time. The updates to our Pricing Plan and Packages can include adding new features and adapting the pricing, as our experience will grow and we will have a better understanding of our clients’ needs. The new version of the current document will come into force as from the date it will be published. However, the new version of the current document will only be binding to You after the completion of the Term. This ensures that the benefits you subscribed to will remain available to you as when you entered into the Agreement, for the entire duration of the Term.

It is Your choice to opt for one of the new Packages, within the new Pricing Plan, implicitly starting a new Term; or to maintain the current Package and Pricing Plan that you subscribed to until the end of your current Term.