* one credit is equivalent to 16 vector map tiles load

** contact us if you want to improve an area

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are vector maps ?

Vector maps are a fast and modern option for displaying spatial data. They offer the best map user experience with a smooth zoom and with interrogable data. This means that you can highlight specific data in the map that suits your web or mobile application or just use our beautiful default styles. 

How much is a credit ?

One credit represents 16 map tiles loaded.  A map is made up from multiple map tiles. When you load a map on your website or mobile device you load smaller tiles that build up to present a single map. As the user is moving on the map additional map tiles are loaded.

What is mapping  ?

Our mapping team adds missing map features (roads, road names, buildings) in order to improve the general aspect of our map tiles. Because we only use vector tiles, we can work on a specific map feature that is useful for your application and then highlight that feature. For example we can add and highlight all hospitals in an area. Contact us for more info ! 

What happens if I exceed my limit ?

We’ll notify you via e-mail as soon as you are getting close your limit and notify you again when you have reached your limit. After this we’ll charge you :

  • 0.75 € / 1000 credits for Cherry Blossom
  • 0.5 € / 1000 credits for Cherry Pie
  • 0.10 € / 1000 credits for Cherry on Top

Keep in mind that you can always instantly update your plan from your account.

Do you have higher volume packages ?

Yes ! Don’t hesitate to contact us for any custom plans and we’ll work with you in customizing a package for your requirement.

What payment methods do you accept ?

We support Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, AMEX. We use Stripe to securely proccess your payments. 

Where can I find your licensing terms ?

Please read our term and conditions and our privacy policy.

How do I contact Mapcherry ?

Just send us a message here or email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan ?

Yes ! You can modify your plan details anytime. You also have the possibility to cancel anytime.

Can I have a custom map style ?

If you desire a custom plan with a custom map style please contact us and we’ll work with you in planing and implementing the design. That being said, if you want to tailor one of our existing map styles for your needs please send us a message or contact us at , and we’ll modify or remove any map feature that you want.

When is the payment due date ?

We’ll send you an invoice after one month from your initial payment. Your initial payment can be any in any date of that month.

Where can I find my invoices ?

You can find your invoices and receipts in Account-> Manage Subscriptions-Billing history . That being said, we will e-mail you a receipt after every payment you make. 

How can I modify my billing / checkout information ?

If you want to modify your billing / checkout information please contact us and we’ll sort everything out !