About Us

At Mapcherry we aim to bridge the gap between mappers, developers and end users.

Our team is based in Cluj-Napoca Romania. Oltean Dorin is the tehnical engineer with 10 years experience in building highly distributed systems. Armin Gheorghina is the map analyst and geodetic engineer with 5 years experience in managing map data quality for international players. We work togheter as a multidisciplinary team to bring to our clients fast loading maps, that make sense to the user.

Our tiles are driven by the OpenStreetMap data. We’ve build our services around the international community and we are eager to tackle community projects. We are holding local meetups on how to generate your own map tiles based on OSM data and we are working on open sourcing libraries that help bridge the gap betweem mappers and developers. You can check our community work on Mapcherry GitHub.

If you wish to start a conversation with us about your project, integrating maps in your project, migrating from another provider, hosting custom geodata, mapping, map solutions or just EPSG:4326 vs EPSG:3857 contact us and we can help you shed some light.