Map solutions

Tailored to your unique needs, creating and integrating complex data for your business success.

Our Services

Global Vector Map Tiles API, geodata creating or adapting (mapping) and developing fully custom map solutions with integration.

Global Map Tiles API

Choose between different styles and display vector maps for your web or mobile users.

Create or update geodatasets

Depending on your application needs’ we can use and adapt existing datasets like OpenStreetMap or create datasets from scratch.

Custom map solution

At Mapcherry, we excel in custom map development, developing geospatial solutions to your precise specifications. Our expertise lies in translating intricate requirements into intuitive, powerful maps, empowering your business with personalized tools for your business success.

Personalized and fast loading maps

We work to ensure that our maps suit business needs and are optimized for fast loading times.

Personalized map data

Fully customize what you want to
be shown on the map.

Custom Language

Customize your map
display language.


Minimize delays in
loading of tiles.

Multiple tiles endpoints

Faster load time of the map in the browser

Web and mobile ready

Display interactive maps on the web or mobile using OpenSource libraries

Track your usage

Have a clear understanding about your usage of the service

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